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Hey there! Feel free to look, like, and reblog my photos! Though if you make unauthorized commercial use of my copyrighted images I will sue you as that is felony. ALL PHOTO'S ARE MINE UNLESS STATED SO. Enjoy! Twitter
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I’ll be posting photos from warped all this week! Look out for them. 


I’ll be posting photos of the gorgeous boys in the spring fever tonight/tomorrow so keep a look out! :)

Anonymous : Do a grammar run through before you post something publicly xD Especially if you are "in this for the work" It's not very "professional" of you to be making simple mistakes that my 7th grade sister caught while reading this post. xDD lol I'd be embarrassed..

I may have grammar mistakes but at least I do not have point out others mistakes and be rude about it like a 7th grader.

And I’m back.

Here’s a little explanation to why I disappeared for awhile. 

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Matt Vogel: Here’s a little thought to aid some of you budding photographers, and...


Here’s a little thought to aid some of you budding photographers, and something that had an emphatic effect on me when I was starting out.

Try to promote yourself through one or two avenues of photography. When I look at a lot of websites for people trying to get hired for some of their first…

Vanessa Denise: This is literally the hardest post I'll ever have to make.



As of this morning, I will no longer be able to continue to do photography for a while. I hate doing this and it breaks my heart to even be writing it at all. I want to be clear that this is in no way shape or form indication on giving up. I’ll be back after I’m able to repurchase everything…

help a girl out

If you are looking to start your photography help her out and yourself out! :)
Outtake from the shoot I did with my friend Canada. 

Living Loud: A word about image theft.



I woke up this morning to find that another one of my photos have been used without my permission for a bands merchandise. I’m not going to call them out on here, but they are a band who has done this to me in the past and resulted in a pretty messy struggle. I will be contacting them to sort this…

Good post by Dan. I haven’t had to deal with bands stealing images, but it happens far too often. The “there’s no money” argument is what everyone hears, constantly. And it’s not that there’s no money, it’s that nobody is willing to spend it on something intangible like rights to a photo, which sucks. It’s the same reason people don’t want to spend money on music. It’s the same fight. 

ASHLEY NEWBY: One photo, yet many claim they took it?


I can’t be the only one that sees the talent that many photographers have. A talented photographer can take the most simple thing and make it have 100’s of different interpretations from a picture of a dog to a crowd of 1,000’s they manage to see what we take for granted. It…

❝ Art is everywhere, except on radio

— Themerchdude (via themerchdude)

Remember how this was originally my photo and it was perfect before someone had to crop out my watermark AND THEN PUT THEIR OWN?!


I really hate how much school work I have because all I want to do is edit my photos. but I’m stuck doing a bunch of school work because school is important damn it. Sorry my uploads have been so late lately, trying to get everything back on track so I can start this up again! 

This is currently my face while I try to finish this unit of homework. I’m on chapter 2/5! WOO.